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Academic Growth and Success

At Grace Grown Academy, we believe that students' best learning happens away from a desk. We believe that hands-on, active, and fun learning rewards the greatest growth! This is why we've created a schedule that allows for movement, multi-age interactions, and engaging activities. 

Enrollment Options

Full Time (5 days) M-F
Hybrid (4 days) M-Th
Hybrid (2 days) M/W or T/Th
Flex Friday add-on for hybrid students

Morning Academics

Afternoons & Flex Fridays

M & T- Math & Science
W & Th- Language Arts & History
In cohort groups*

Music, Cooking, STEM, Gardening,
Art, Nature exploration, 
fundraising, and more!
All together!

What are Flex Fridays?! 
On Fridays we'll have FUN! Each Friday will include some sort of special project, themed day, community outreach, or Field Trip! Hybrid families can add attendance to a Flex Friday on a week to week basis, at an additional charge.


Littles: K-1st
Leaders: 2nd-4th

Access our Calendar for the
23-24 School Year Here

Learning Alphabets
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